19 November 2011

Dinner Talk with KC Lee on "Higher Education in Singapore"

We are very please to have Mr Lee Kwok Cheong, CEO, SIM Global Education, founder of NCS, to speak to us.
His topic will be "Higher Education in Singapore". He will also appreciate input from you.
Please join us for this Dinner Talk to share your views on education with him and network with one another too.

Date: Friday 25 Nov 2011
Time: 7 pm
Location: Metropolitan YMCA
60 Stevens Road, Singapore 257854

29 June 2010

Qi Gong Dinner Talk by Cheong Quee Wah

Yesterday night we have a Dinner Talk on "Qi Gong" given by Mr Cheong Quee Wah. Besides the excellent talk, Q&A, we have a good turn out of 50+ people. The food was quite good too.
Here is the mind-map summary of the talk - the mind-food for the night.
If there is any error, it is due to me and not to the speaker.

01 June 2010

Moved to Facebook

The Friends of NCS-SCS Association has set up a Facebook presence for better interactions among members. Please go there for up to date information and events.

08 February 2010

Friends of National and Singapore Computer Association AGM 22 Feb 2010

The next Friends of NCS-SCS Annual General Meeting will be held as

Date: Monday 22 February 2010
Time: 7 pm - 10 pm
Venue: NTU Alumni Club @ 1 North,
          11 Slims Barracks Rise
          Singapore 138664

All members and prospective members are invited to attend.

Dinner with Lo Hei will be provided for all our friends to greet the Year of the Tiger as well as Door Gifts, Early Bird and Lucky Draw Prizes.

Your early confirmation by 12 Feb 2010 will be very much appreciated
to allow adequate catering. Please feedback to one of the undermentioned:

Lim Liat at 9689 9077 or limliat@pacific.net.sg
Ng Tong Sing at 9680 6316 or ngts@confortdelgro.com
Wee Kim Hin at 9066 0010 or weekh@viewerschoice.com.sg

20 August 2008

Dinner Talk with Stephen Yeo

We have our first activity of the year. A dinner talk with Stephen Yeo on 4 Aug 2008. It was attended by about 50-60 people. Please go to http://friendsofscs.scs.com.sg/ for details.

Here is a video of the night activities. For better clarity, watch this.

Please spread the news and get many former SCS staff to join the alumni.

16 August 2008

New Friends of SCS Website is Up

Many thanks to the management of Singapore Computer Systems. They have kindly provided the resources to revamp the SCS Alumni website at Friends of SCS.

Hope you like it. Only members can access the website information and post news, events, jobs and business listing. If you have worked for SCS for more than 2 years formerly, you can join the "Friends of SCS" society.

26 January 2008

Notice to Members

Dear Friends

I have two important announcements to make.

Firstly, we need flesh blood, fresh minds, fresh leadership and flesh ideas for our Alumni!! We are urging you to step forward to volunteer yourself as our Committee Members / Office bearers.

Just so you know, the current Office Bearers would like to relinquish their positions in the Committee. They are:

Henry Lim - President
Chong Kum Kee - Vice President
Chow Yew Tee - Treasurer
Jeannie Ong - Secretary
Francis Cheang and Tan Hock Hai - Committee Members.

According to the Constitution of our Alumni: "All office bearers, except the Treasurer may be re-elected to the same or related post for a consecutive term of office. The term of office of the Committee is two years."

Henry, Kum Kee, Francis, Hock Hai, Yew Tee and Jeannie have been committee members for a tenure of 3 terms or 6 years. It is high time to inject new blood into the Alumni. Existing Office Bearers such as Lim Liat, Ng Tong Sing and Robert Koh will remain in office since they were only appointed in 2005.

So, please come forward and be counted. If you think that you can value add to the Alumni and you wish to leverage on its networking, please let me know. If you have good suggestion on who we should approach to be appointed as committee members, to bring us to the next level, please let me know too, and quickly!

Secondly, this is a heads-up that we will be organising our AGM on Thursday, 28 Feb @ SCS Auditorium @ around 6pm. This will be the last AGM chaired by the current Office Bearers. More details will be given later.

Lastly, I would just like to remind all that we have created a website and a blog for our Alumni, so please visit them at:



I have also appended below the Constitution for the Objective of the Alumni, as well as the appointment of the Management & Committee for our Alumni, in case you need to refer to it.

According to the Constitution:


3.1 Its objects are:

a) To provide members with the means for social interaction and recreation;

b) To promote mutual help;

c) To keep the members informed of the latest developments of Singapore Computer Systems Limited which are not of a proprietary orconfidential nature;

d) in further of the above objects, the Society may do all such things that are conducive or incidental to attain the above objects, which areconsistent with a non-profit making organisation.

Management & Committee
8.1 The administration of the Society shall be entrusted to a Committee of the following to be elected at alternate Annual General Meeting :
A President
A Vice-President
A Secretary
A Treasurer
Six Ordinary Committee Members
8.2 Names for the above offices shall be proposed and seconded at the Annual General Meeting and election will follow on a simple majority vote of the members. All office bearers, except the Treasurer may be re-elected to the same or related post for a consecutive term of office. The term of office of the Committee is two years.
8.3 Election will be either by show of hands or, subject to the agreement of the majority of the voting members present, by a secret ballot.
8.4 A Committee Meeting shall be held at least once every twelve (12) months after giving seven days' notice to Committee Members.

Duties of Office-Bearers
9.1 The President shall chair all General and Committee meetings. He shall also represent the Society in its dealings with outside persons.
9.2 The Vice-President shall assist the President and deputise for him in his absence.
9.5 Ordinary Committee Members shall assist in the general administration of the Society and perform duties assigned by the Committee from time to time.

By: Jeannie Ong - Secretary